Our eyes need good blood circulation and oxygen intake, and both are stimulated by regular exercise. Regular exercise also helps keep our weight in the normal range, which reduces the risk of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. Remember to use sun safety and protective eyewear when enjoying sports and recreation.

No Smoking

Avoiding smoking, or quitting, is one of the best investments you can make in your long-term health. Even though old age seems a long way off, smoking as a teenager can increase your risks for cataracts as well as for cardiovascular diseases that indirectly influence our eyes’ health. Smoking increases the risk of severe vision loss people with other eye diseases as well.

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses, including circle lenses, are a potentially dangerous trend among teenagers and young adults. These costume contacts are designed to change the appearance or color of the eye, and they can be bought in stores and online without a prescription.

Buying any colored contact lenses, including circle lenses, without a prescription is hazardous to your eye health. Pain and swelling are frequently caused by improperly fitted, over-the-counter lenses. More serious problems can include corneal abrasions and blinding contact lens-related infections. All contact lenses are medical devices that require a prescription, proper fitting by an eye care professional and a commitment to proper contact lens care by the wearer.

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