Hard-to-please recipients can make gift buying a daunting experience, before you even get to the mall. This year, why not buy at least one gift that helps protect a loved one's sight? Despite the practicality, you might be surprised by the squeals some of the items on our EyeSmart holiday gift guide produce.

For the skier

Boy wearing ski goggles

Along with new blades or snow gear, give your winter athlete a pair of sunglasses or goggles with UV protection. Sun exposure in any season can increase the risk of cataracts and other eye diseases and conditions. UV exposure can increase at high altitudes, but one study found that skiers and snowboarders tend to be less mindful of protecting their eyes.

For the athlete

If you're buying that active loved one a new tennis racket or basketball, slip a pair of protective eyewear in his or her stocking. Many sports, including hockey, paintball and racket sports, carry a high risk of eye injury. With proper protection, though, most of those eye injuries can be prevented.

For the cook

Box of vegetables

This might be the sneakiest EyeSmart gift of all, but why not buy the chef on your list a subscription to a CSA (community supported agriculture) box? These regular produce deliveries usually include lots of the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins good for the eye. For optimum eye health, choose a produce mix that includes dark, leafy vegetables and citrus.

For the person with low vision

For people with irreversible vision loss, a digital tablet can provide a more comfortable way to read. A recent study showed that tablets like the iPad provide a more comfortable, customizable reading experience for people with low vision.

For the makeup artist

Shopping for a beauty addict? Get her a gift certificate for new eye makeup and tuck in these tips for using eye makeup safely. Eye makeup should be replaced every three months or so, as bacteria can grow quickly in creamy products like liner or mascara.

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