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I have age-related macular degeneration (AMD). My ophthalmologist recommends that I get Xperio polarized sunglasses. Are these beneficial for my eyes and for sight?       

Xperio lenses are a very good choice. Like other high-quality polarized lenses they will reduce or eliminate glare and provide the necessary ultraviolet protection. They are compatible with prescriptions and certain anti-reflective coatings, which may improve clarity. For AMD patients, lens color is very important. They are usually in the amber range but can vary. Selecting the correct color is important for contrast and depth perception. Equally as important is that the lens color selection should strike the right balance making sure that they are not too dark for your daily lifestyle activities. Xperio lenses offer a variety of lens color choices which your practitioner will help you determine.

Answered by: Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD Alfonso_E_75px

Categories: Vision Correction, General Eye Health

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Answered: Feb 27, 2013

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