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I'm 20 years old and I haven't been to an eye doctor for over five years. I have trouble seeing from seven feet away which is not very far. I know I need glasses but I never had the chance to make an appointment. About two weeks ago I started experiencing mild vertigo. I don't feel it all the time but when I do things like read, watch TV, use a computer or even when I squint to see something far away, I feel mildly dizzy. It comes and goes. I'd like to know if this mild vertigo is the result of my poor eyesight and the fact that I need glasses

It sounds like you may be mildly myopic or nearsighted. It is very unlikely that symptoms of vertigo are related to this. You should have your eyes checked by an Eye M.D. because of the blurry vision. However, I recommend you see your internist for the symptoms of vertigo which likely have a cause unrelated to the eyes.

Answered by: Gary Hirshfield, MDDr. Gary Hirshfield

Categories: General Eye Health

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Answered: Jan 23, 2013

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