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What can be done to treat recurring eyelashes from growing and rubbing against the eyeball?

Trichiasis is a condition in which the eyelashes are misdirected and may rub on the cornea leading to ocular irritation. These lashes are like "weeds" and may be difficult to treat. Therapeutic choices include recurrent epilation (tweezing the lash), cryotherapy (attempting to destroy the lash follicle with a cold probe), laser therapy (treating dark brown or black lashes with light energy), wedge resection of the eyelid in the area of segmental lash growth, or entropion repair (correcting an in-turning eyelid) if associated with the eyelid malposition. The lashes may recur despite many of the treatments. With persistence however the lashes can be eliminated and the irritation improved.

Answered by: Rona Silkiss, MD Dr. Rona Silkiss

Categories: Eye Conditions, Eye Surgery

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Answered: May 15, 2013

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