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If I want to play tennis after cataract surgery, should I consider accommodating or mono IOL?  Also, should I expect to wear glasses after the surgery? I am nearsighted and currently wear glasses.           

This is a controversial issue right now. My view is that the perfect "accommodating IOL" has yet to be developed. You should discuss with your surgeon what you want the implant to do postoperatively. You can plan on theoretically normal distance vision without glasses or choose instead to be a little nearsighted. If you should choose the multifocal IOL, please be sure that you understand the potential issues that can occur. Regardless of IOL choice, please wear safety glasses when playing tennis.

Answered by: Charles P. Wilkinson, MD  Dr. Charles P. Wilkinson

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Surgery

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Answered: Jan 15, 2013

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