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Where can I purchase good quality sunglasses with UV protection that can be used for sports for my child?  

Purchased eyeglasses should state they have UVA/UVB protection. Almost all commercially sold glasses at reputable chain and private optical stores will have this protection built into the eyeglasses. I would be careful about buying eyeglasses at swap meets and other less reputable sales outlets both because of the UV protection and because of the sturdiness of the eyeglasses. Not all commercial stores have sports glasses for children that fit correctly or are stylish enough so that children will wear them. Often, pediatric ophthalmologists sell these types of glasses in their optical stores as a convenience for their patients or can refer patients to stores they are familiar with.

Answered by: Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD Dr. Richard K. Lee

Categories: Children's Eye Health

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Answered: Jul 02, 2012

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