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After recently having a stye in my right eye, all the swelling has gone completely and there is no soreness or redness, but a little lump still remains in the eyelid. What could this be?

This is common. The initial stage of a chalazion (stye) is often associated with swelling and tenderness. Over time the inflammation resolves and a firm nodule can remain. These can be very tiny or as large as a golf ball. They are benign but if they are longstanding (more than several months) they are not likely to resolve on their own. This is caused by the fibrous tissue that forms in reaction to the inflammation of the chalazion. This situation could be treated by either injection with a steroid medication or surgical incision done under local anesthesia. If it is small and doesn't bother you, it can be observed. In a small percentage of cases continued warm compresses may resolve the problem.

Answered by: Gary Hirshfield, MDDr. Gary Hirshfield

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Answered: Nov 02, 2012

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