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About once or twice a month I have these strange pulsing images in both my eyes. I can see them even when I close my eyes. They start out small and they grow until I have trouble seeing. It even makes me nauseous. They last about 10 to 20 minutes. They used to only bother me every six months or so, but now it is more often. Should I be worried?

Your episodes sound most consistent with a migraine without the headache (acephalgic migraine or ocular migraine). You are experiencing the aura that many have before the onset of a classic migraine headache. Treatment depends on many factors, and you should see your Eye M.D., primary care doctor or a neurologist to make sure that other testing is not indicated.

Answered by: Aaron Weingeist, MD Dr. Aaron Weingeist

Categories: Eye Conditions, General Eye Health

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Answered: Mar 06, 2013

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