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What would cause my eyelids and tear glands to be red each morning?

Redness of the eyelids in the morning usually is caused by blepharitis, an inflammation and/or infection in the eyelids. Blepharitis often affects both upper and lower eyelids. The cause can be a multiplication of the bacteria that are normally on the skin of the eyelids, or a blockage and inflammation of the oil glands that open onto the edges of the eyelids. Treatment at home with warm wet compresses plus gentle scrubbing of the eyelashes with baby shampoo on a warm wet washcloth may solve the problem. Tear glands, which are in the membranes on the inside of the eyelids and under the bones above the eyes do not generally present a red appearance. If this home treatment does not help, contact your Eye M.D. for possible further treatment.

Answered by: Lee Duffner, MD Dr. Lee Duffner

Categories: Eye Diseases, General Eye Health

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Answered: Feb 01, 2011

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