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My son is 19 and has always had problems with his eyes. I want laser surgery for him. They told me to wait until he's 21. Right now he's at a –9 in the right eye and a –9.5 in left eye. How bad is that? I was told if he gets worse he can't have the surgery, but they want me to wait for two more years.

You are getting proper advice, as his eyes may still be changing and it is better to wait until they are stable. It is also true that the limit of LASIK is usually around –10, so even if he gets worse, correcting –10 may be all that can be accomplished with LASIK. Then he would need glasses or contacts again. If he doesn't do the surgery and progresses, he could be a candidate for a phakic lens implant which can correct up to –17.

Answered by: James Salz, MDDr. James Salz

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Answered: Nov 29, 2010

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