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My friend's newborn was diagnosed with congenital ptosis. She can barely open her right eye. My friend has been told that the baby will require surgery by age 2-3 years of age and that the right eye is good. Is there any eye exercise the mom can do to strengthen the muscle & expose the eye to light so the brain gets the message so that the baby doesn't get lazy eye?

Congential ptosis or drooping of an eyelid from birth can be visually significant when it impairs visual development in the brain. The ophthalmologist should look at how the vision is developing. If the eye's vision is not developing like the fellow eye or the eye is developing significant astigmatism, many doctors would recommend surgery to elevate the eyelid. This surgery may occur in infancy or childhood depending on the severity of the findings. In this child's case it sounds like vision is developing well so the doctor is delaying to achieve a more permanent fix with the surgery.

Answered by: Michael Repka, M.D. Dr. Michael X. Repka

Categories: Eye Conditions, Children's Eye Health

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Answered: Nov 23, 2010

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