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Question: Hello I have a misaligned eye that goes inward. How can I resolve this matter? I'm a 39-year-old male.

There is not a simple answer to this question. An inward turning eye can be due to many different things. It is important to know if this is something you have had since childhood or if not, how long standing it has been. Childhood strabismus is a common cause but in most cases this would have been present before six or seven years of age. An adult onset inward turning eye can be due to restriction of the muscles from Graves disease, or a pterygium growing on the eye, or a myriad of other causes. It may also be neurological such as a palsy of a specific cranial nerve, or myasthenia, or other diagnosis. Therefore, resolution has to begin with a diagnosis. The underlying cause has to be treated first. Then, and only then, surgery can be considered to correct the position of the eye. You should see an Eye M.D. for evaluation.

Answered by: Gary Hirshfield, MDDr. Gary Hirshfield

Categories: Eye Conditions; General Eye Health

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Answered: Aug 04, 2011

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