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There is something that appears to look like a tear in my eye near my pupil. If it is a tear what can be done?

The appearance of the pupil is governed by the shape of the iris. The iris can be damaged congenitally, from external trauma, or from intraocular surgery such as a cataract operation. Often, a torn or abnormally shaped iris will not cause any symptoms. However, since the main function of the iris is to regulate the amount of light reaching the retina by constricting in bright environments, in severe cases of iris damage patients may develop light sensitivity. In these situations, the iris can be repaired in a surgical procedure called a pupilloplasty if there is enough iris tissue remaining. Another option to regulate the amount of light entering the eye is wearing a colored contact lens.

Iritis is another condition that can cause distortion of the iris, resembling a tear. In iritis, inflammation in the eye can cause adherence of the iris to the lens. If the patient becomes light sensitive, the adhesions can be released with dilating drops or a surgical procedure called a synechiolysis.

Answered by: Omar R. Chaudhary, MD Dr. Omar R. Chaudhary

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Answered: Jul 01, 2013

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