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My 2-year-old has a lazy eye and astigmatism. We tried patching and got no results. Now he's in glasses and still crossing. We are doing a prism adaptation test (PAT) but I'm unsure how it works. Can you explain how it helps?

Some kids cross their eyes in an effort to focus because they are farsighted with or without astigmatism. Glasses to correct the full amount of farsightedness are first tried. If the child is still crossing with the glasses, surgery is done to get the eyes straight. Some Eye MDs use the PAT which is a tool used to help determine how much surgery is needed to align the eyes. 

Answered by: Denise Satterfield, MDDr. Denise Satterfield

Categories: Children's Eye Health, Eye Conditions, Eye Surgery

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Answered: Jan 15, 2013

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