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What causes the pupil to move from the center of the iris?   

I'm not certain that I understand your question. My assumption is that you are asking about irregularly placed pupils, misplaced pupils or multiple pupils. Most commonly, that means that the pupil is not directly centered symmetrically with an equal rim of iris around the pupil. There are many causes for this, and it would be difficult to detail these conditions comprehensively. Such pupils almost always represent intraocular disease or anomalies related to birth—like a birth mark; or in some cases, this can be related to medications being used in the eye. An example of a disease would include certain forms of inflammation inside the eye known as uveitis. An example of birth-related-changes could be an incomplete formation of the iris and retina. There could be many reasons and this should be evaluated by an Eye M.D. if the cause is not known as most of these irregularities represent potentially serious problems. 

Answered by: Ivan Schwab, MD Dr. Ivan Schwab

Categories: Eye Conditions

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Answered: Oct 25, 2012

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