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I have a nevus on my eyeball that I've had all my life. Is it safe to have it removed? 

The term "nevus" can be used to describe several conditions in, on, or around the eye. A nevus on the conjunctiva or fleshy part of the outer eye usually can be removed safely, but a nevus that is part of the underlying white sclera or eye wall is rarely, if ever, removed because it would not be safe to remove. A nevus inside the eye in the middle blood vessel layer, or choroid, would only very rarely be removed because of danger to the eye. It depends on where the nevus is located—it may be safe or not. If you have had the nevus all your life, it probably is not necessary to have it removed. I would not consider or recommend this unless it is a significant cosmetic problem. If so, consult your ophthalmologist to determine if this would be safe to remove.

Answered by: Ivan Schwab, MD Dr. Ivan Schwab

Categories: Eye Conditions

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Answered: Sep 10, 2012

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