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What's the rate of success of multifocal IOL versus standard IOL for a 62-year-old who still works and needs both near and far vision corrected?    

It is impossible to generalize. Following cataract surgery, and assuming healthy eyes, you should be able to see well at all distances with appropriate eyeglasses. The question of how you see without eyeglasses is where consideration of a multifocal IOL arises. Not every cataract patient is a good candidate for a multifocal IOL. The eye must not have other ocular problems, and too much astigmatism will also compromise the results. Finally, patient satisfaction often depends on whether there were realistic expectations at the outset. The multifocal IOL will not return any of us to the days when our young eyes could still naturally focus from far to near.

Answered by: David F. Chang, MD Dr. David F. Chang

Categories: Cataracts

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Answered: Jul 03, 2012

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