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Is the refractive power of a monofocal IOL based on the refractive power of eyeglasses currently worn at the time of cataract surgery, or is the calculation for the IOLs based on a totally different criteria?

The power chosen for a monofocal IOL depends on the visual rehabilitation plan for both eyes as well as patient needs and expectations. In some cases that might be to match the current eyeglasses, but much more often it is done to remove the need for glasses for many activities.

One common strategy is to plan for low nearsightedness so that glasses might only be needed for night driving and reading very fine print. If you are contemplating cataract surgery with a monofocal IOL, you should discuss your needs and expectations with your eye surgeon.

Answered by: Michael Repka, MD Dr. Michael X. Repka

Categories: Cataracts, Vision Correction

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Answered: May 09, 2012

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