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Is there a minimum recommended age to let children start wearing glasses? My doctor says my son is borderline for needing glasses, but he's only 17 months old. Should I wait?

Generally, there is no minimum age for children to start wearing glasses. There are some guidelines supported by the American Academy of Ophthalmology which can help decide whether to dispense glasses. For a child between one and two years old, glasses are generally recommended if the myopia (nearsightedness) is more than -4.00, the hyperopia (farsightedness) is more than +5.00 without strabismus or +2.00 with strabismus, or the astigmatism is greater than 2.50. If there is a difference in the refraction between the eyes, glasses may be recommended as well. It is important to remember that each child is unique and a pediatric ophthalmologist will help decide if these guidelines apply to your son.

Answered by: Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD Alfonso_E_75px

Categories: Children's Eye Health, Vision Correction

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Answered: Apr 03, 2013

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