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My nephew told me his older brother held him down and pointed a laser pointer in his eye and held it there for some time about six years ago. He has a noticeable deficit of vision in one eye. What is the long-term damage?  

Chances are that any noticeable deficit in vision that has persisted for six years is likely permanent. Lasers, even laser pointers, have potential damaging effects to the eye. Some of these effects are immediate and others can occur years after the initial insult. It is important for your nephew to see an ophthalmologist or more specifically a retina specialist (an ophthalmologist with more additional training in diseases of the retina) to ensure that he is not at risk for additional loss of vision and also to confirm that the event is actually the cause of his vision loss.

Answered by: John Kitchens, MD Dr. John W. Kitchens

Categories: Eye Injuries

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Answered: Nov 04, 2012

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