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Can throbbing eye pain be a symptom of dry eye syndrome?

Throbbing eye pain is not usually caused by dry eyes. Symptoms can include irritation, itching, redness, difficulty reading or doing computer work, light sensitivity, tearing, discharge, dissatisfaction following LASIK or cataract surgery, "eye strain," discomfort on airplanes or long car rides, difficulty wearing contact lenses, etc. Classically, these symptoms worsen as the day goes on. Throbbing indicates something more severe. Some dry eye patients make the mistake of rubbing their eyes for relief, which is always a mistake: NEVER rub your eyes! See your ophthalmologist (Eye MD) for a thorough evaluation.

Answered by: Richard G. Shugarman, MDDr. Richard Shugarman

Categories: Eye Conditions

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Answered: Apr 27, 2014

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