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My daughter had an eye exam done by an ophthalmologist. He said she is very farsighted (+6 or 7) and prescribed eyeglasses (+5). So I put them on her. My family is giving me a hard time because she is only 11 months old. Am I crazy for putting glasses on a baby like this?

No, you are not crazy. Farsightedness to this degree can lead to bilateral amblyopia (lazy eye). A typical child of a year of age or less has only about 2 diopters of farsightedness, thus this child has three times more farsightedness than normal. Your child needs continued follow-up with your Eye M.D. as well.

Answered by: David K. Coats, MD Dr. David K. Coats

Categories: Children’s Eye Health, Vision Correction

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Answered: Jun 03, 2014

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