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My daughter is 23 years old and had shingles in her eye two years ago. If a person has had shingles affecting the eyeball and the ulcers have completely healed can they have Asian double eyelid surgery?

Your daughter may undergo Asian blepharoplasty (a procedure that reshapes the upper eyelid, mostly requested by those of Asian descent) in the future. However, because stress may cause shingles to recur, oral suppression with an antiviral medication such as Acyclovir or Valtrex around the time of the procedure may be advised. Please consult with an Eye MD/oculoplastic surgeon to discuss your daughter's individual situation.

Answered by: Rona Silkiss, MD Dr. Rona Silkiss

Categories: Eye Conditions, General Eye Health

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Answered: Jul 21, 2014

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