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How concerned should I be about a diagnosis of a granuloma conjunctiva? 

In general, these are benign bumps on the inner portion of the lid, but a persistent one may be (rarely) a lymphoma or cancerous. Mostly they go away without treatment.

If they become irritated, itchy, large, or unattractive, or don't go away spontaneously, they can be treated with steroid eyedrops (with regular monitoring to make sure you do not get glaucoma from the steroid eyedrops).

If they persist and do not go away, or if the bump looks in any way suspicious to your doctor, your Eye M.D. may suggest an "excisional biopsy"—that is, removing the whole bump and sending it to a pathology lab for a definitive diagnosis.

Answered by: Anne Sumers, MD Dr. Anne Sumers 

Categories: Eye Conditions

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Answered: Oct 02, 2012

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