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Is it possible to have a LASIK eye surgery if you have glaucoma?

Glaucoma is not a contraindication to LASIK. The surgeon should determine the level and severity of the glaucoma and the health of your optic nerve with visual fields and OCT maps of the optic nerves. If these look normal and your intraocular pressure and vision are normal with either glasses or contact lenses, LASIK should provide the same degree of vision correction. In some patients with glaucoma, a procedure known as advanced surface ablation or LASEK is performed to spare the eye of the few minutes of elevated eye pressure from the flap-making process. LASEK avoids any added increase in the elevated pressure and provides added safety to the optic nerve. Patients on glaucoma drops should remember that the drops increase the risk of dry eyes and this is one of the more common complications of LASIK surgery. Many options exist for the treatment of dry eyes in the setting of glaucoma and/or LASIK, but these need to be weighed by your surgeon.

Answered by: W. Barry Lee, MDDr. W. Barry Lee

Categories: Glaucoma, Eye Surgery, Vision Correction

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Answered: Jan 15, 2013

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