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As a glaucoma patient, is it possible to undergo cataract surgery?  

While glaucoma can present at any age, the most common forms of glaucoma are associated with aging. Likewise, cataract, which is a clouding of the eye's natural lens, is most often associated with aging. Therefore, many patients who have glaucoma will develop cataracts and benefit from cataract surgery.  

A patient may decide to undergo cataract surgery when the cataract interferes with their vision and begins affecting normal daily activities. This is different for everyone depending upon what they do daily and there is no set point where a cataract becomes "ripe" and ready for surgery.  

Therefore, not only is it possible for a glaucoma patient to need and undergo cataract surgery, it is quite common for this to occur. In the overwhelming majority of cases, cataract surgery will improve the vision substantially. However, as with any surgery there are risks inherent to cataract surgery and some of these risks may be increased if you have glaucoma. It is important to discuss these risks and the benefits of the surgery with your Eye M.D.

Answered by: Louis B. Cantor, MDDr. Louis B. Cantor

Categories: Eye Conditions; Glaucoma; Eye Diseases; Eye Surgery; Cataracts

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Answered: Apr 23, 2012

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