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To treat my multiple sclerosis (MS), I had been taking Gilenya which can cause macular edema; and, which it appeared, I had developed. But after monitoring this for several months I was referred to a retina specialist and was diagnosed with perifoveal telangiectasia instead. Have you ever heard of a connection between my medication and developing PFT? And what is the most likely prognosis for me?  

Perifoveal telangiectasia is also known as macular telangiectasia. The cause is unknown but diabetes is considered to be a risk factor. There is no known association with MS or Gilenya but because Gilenya is a relatively new drug a possible association cannot be definitely excluded.

Perifoveal telangiectasia can cause macular edema, but it is characterized by distinctive blood vessels that are different from what is usually seen in macular edema from Gilenya. The prognosis is variable depending on the type of perifoveal telangectasia, but most people maintain useful vision. The National Eye Institute is currently conducting research on macular telangectasia and further information should be available on the website.  

Answered by: George Williams, MDDr. George Williams

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Answered: May 09, 2012

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