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What is the rate of failure of vitrectomy due to non-compliance?

I am having a little difficulty with your question. Who in this circumstance is being non-compliant? Have you had vitrectomy and are not following through with the suggested post-operative care? Are you a diabetic who has had vitrectomy and now are not managing your systemic diabetes well? As a general principle, it is best to follow the advice of your surgeon for post-operative care and hopefully you will do that. Some post- operative recommendations are critical and the procedure is likely to have a bad result if not followed. Others are for protection and increase the percentage of favorable results but you may luck out and do well despite that portion of non-compliance. When in doubt, ask your retinal surgeon for the best pathway.

Answered by: Richard Bensinger, MD Dr. Richard Bensinger

Categories: Eye Surgery

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Answered: Jul 01, 2013

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