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Are there any safe and effective nonprescription eyelash growth enhancers?

There are many eyelash enhancers on the non-prescription market. Many make claims about efficacy without trial data proof. As a consumer, you can check the Internet for consumer guide reviews to determine if you would like to try a product. Latisse, a product sold by prescription or in a doctor's office, has been clinically studied and has demonstrated consistent eyelash growth. Latisse, however — as is true for other products — is not without its risks, including ocular and eyelid irritation as well as pigmentation of the skin and iris (turning a blue eye brownish). It is therefore recommended that you consult with your ophthalmologist (Eye M.D.) to determine if these products are appropriate for you.

Answered by: Rona Silkiss, MD Dr. Rona Silkiss

Categories: General Eye Health

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Answered: Jul 11, 2013

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