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Is it necessary to have your eyes dilated at each vision check?

Dilation of the eyes is necessary for a full evaluation of the retina and optic nerve in the back of the eye as well as the blood supply in the back of the eye. It is generally not necessary to have your eyes dilated at each eye examination unless there are risk factors or signs and symptoms that would suggest a problem in the back of the eye, or an eye examination has not been performed for several years. It is generally recommended that adults without any family history of eye problems or difficulties with their vision have a dilated eye exam by age 40. Depending upon the findings of that examination and your history, a schedule of follow-up examinations will be recommended by your Eye M.D. You and your Eye M.D. can then determine if dilation is indicated.

Answered by: Louis B. Cantor, MDDr. Louis B. Cantor

Categories: General Eye Health

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Answered: Jul 30, 2012

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