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Can erythromycin be used for a corneal abrasion?

Topical antibiotics are prescribed after a corneal abrasion in order to prevent an infection, i.e., a corneal ulcer. They should be continued until the abrasion completely heals. Erythromycin, Bacitracin, or Polytrim are all good choices for routine corneal abrasions.

In patients who suffer a corneal abrasion in high-risk situations (such as in large, central abrasions; monocular patients; or from organic matter, i.e. sticks or fingernails), fluoroquinolones such as Moxifloxacin or Gatifloxacin are the recommended drug of choice.

Answered by: Omar R. Chaudhary, MD Dr. Omar R. Chaudhary

Categories: Eye Injuries

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Answered: Jun 26, 2013

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