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What is a technician in an ophthalmologist's office trained or permitted to do to and for the patient? If the appointment is made to see an ophthalmologist, is it unrealistic for the patient to expect that the M.D. will perform the actual eye exam and vision test, not a technician?

Technicians in an ophthalmologist's office are trained to perform many aspects of an eye exam including discussing a patient’s medical history and medication use, measuring visual acuity, performing refractions, instilling eye drops, and even measuring intraocular pressures. All of these activities occur under the supervision of the treating ophthalmologist. Your second question of how much of an eye exam should be performed by your ophthalmologist is a source of confusion for some patients. If you have concerns or preferences regarding how any part of your exam is conducted, you should share them with your treating ophthalmologist.

Answered by: James M. Heltzer, MDDr. James M. Heltzer

Categories: General Eye Health

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Answered: Apr 12, 2013

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