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If you are diagnosed with dry ARMD, what are the chances of it progressing to the wet form? I have a strong family history of ARMD. My mother had the wet form, one brother has the wet form and another brother and sister have been recently diagnosed with the dry form. So far, my Eye M.D. says I don't have any sign of it.   

The main "predictor" for the development of macular degeneration is a dilated eye examination. If your ophthalmologist or optometrist sees no signs of ARMD, you are at little risk. If the eye doctor sees signs of dry ARMD, then they can classify the findings and stratify your risk based upon those findings. Although there are genetic factors involved in the development and progression of ARMD, they are quite complex and are not always passed on from parents to their children. Because of this and the fact that ARMD development is mutli-factorial with age, environment, diet, smoking, and numerous other factors contributing to the development, the American Academy of Ophthalmology does not support current genetic screening tests for unaffected individuals.

The bottom line is that if your Eye M.D. finds no signs of ARMD, then you are at very minimal risk for vision loss from it.

Answered by: John Kitchens, MD Dr. John W. Kitchens

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Answered: Dec 21, 2012

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