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I've just started using contact lenses. I use the daily disposable lenses. Do I need to rinse and rub the lenses with solution when I take them out of the package? Or can I put the contact lenses in my eyes without cleaning the contact lenses?

Disposable contact lenses come in a solution that is sterile and compatible with the surface of the eye so if the box or particular contact lens is not beyond the expiration date, they will be safe to put in the eye without rinsing in additional solution. Having said that, some patients can have sensitive eyes and rinsing the contact in an FDA-approved store-bought saline solution can make this irritation less likely. If you have any additional questions, find a local Eye M.D. to examine the eyes and review your contact lens wear and solutions.

Answered by: W. Barry Lee, MDDr. W. Barry Lee

Categories: Vision Correction

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Answered: Jul 25, 2013

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