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What could cause an area of my eyelashes to disappear? My left upper eyelid has an area that has lost its lashes. Is there any preventative or curative measure to take?  

There are several reasons that eyelashes may disappear. Eyelid margin infections, eyelash pulling, systemic hair loss secondary to chemotherapy or autoimmune disease, even eyelid cancers may all lead to loss of the eyelid lashes.

It is advisable to have your eyelid evaluated by an ophthalmologist. Your Eye M.D. will be able to carefully examine the lid margin and determine if there is a chronic infection or even an eyelid margin lesion that may be contributing to lash loss. This condition may then be treated with possible restoration of a normal lid margin.

Answered by: Rona Silkiss, MD Dr. Rona Silkiss

Categories: Eye Conditions, Eye Diseases

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Answered: May 09, 2012

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