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I think my daughter has an eye bigger than the other. Is this common? I think she has congenital glaucoma after reading online about it.  

It is not uncommon for healthy eyes to appear somewhat asymmetric in size. One of the most common reasons for an asymmetric appearance of the eyes is lid position—that is, one eye opens more or less than the other. However, if in fact there is a difference in the size of the eyes—usually as measured by the diameter of the cornea, then this needs careful investigation. To be on the safe side, when there is any question of one eye being bigger than the other, we strongly urge that you consult with an ophthalmologist, who is specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye, to determine if this is a true disease state or just a visual illusion.

Answered by: Andrew Iwach, MD Dr. Andrew Iwach 

Categories: Glaucoma, Eye Diseases, General Eye Health

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Answered: May 21, 2012

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