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What are some eye diseases and conditions commonly found in more economically developed countries such as the UK and USA?

Economically developed countries have a higher incidence of conditions which might be termed "diseases of excess." Diets are richer, work is generally easier and lifespans are greater. Diseases which fall in these categories include the complications of diabetes (related to dietary excess) which produce a host of eye problems, and diseases such as macular degeneration (which is age-related and is less likely to be found in countries with shorter life spans). Because of advanced medical care, unusual and rare diseases, many of which might be fatal soon after birth, are found in more advanced countries because the medical technology is present to allow them to survive. Finally conditions that cause blindness in early life, many inherited, are more likely to be seen in advanced countries because survival of the blind is improved in such countries.

Answered by: Richard Bensinger, MD Dr. Richard Bensinger

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Answered: Aug 20, 2014

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