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I think I am color blind but am not sure. Are there tests to verify color blindness?

There are many degrees of color deficiency. Some are subtle and some obvious. If you have an obvious one, you can compare your color recognition with friends who are probably color normal (color deficiency is eight times more common in males so compare yourself to females). There are a number of tests which ophthalmologists use to diagnose the type and degree of color deficiency. These are largely test booklets with a series of dots in a pattern which can fool the color deficient but which will be seen by a color normal person. You can 'Google' these online (search for "color blindness testing") and get an indication of whether you have this or not. Since most forms of color deficiency are inherited, you can also check with other family members over several generations to see if this trait is in your genetic lineage.

Answered by: Richard Bensinger, MD Dr. Richard Bensinger

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Answered: Aug 06, 2013

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