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My mom had an appointment for a colon test which required she be put to sleep. After she woke up, she felt her eye burning and it was red. Do you think that the gas that they use to put her to sleep got in her eye and it caused her irritation?       

These days it rare to be put to sleep for colon tests—rather intravenous sedation is used and not gas. However, the patient often falls asleep and it is possible to fall asleep with the eyes slightly open. This can result in severe dryness if not detected and treated with lubricant ointment. With application of tears and time, this should cause no lasting problem. If the irritation persists, she should see an ophthalmologist for evaluation. 

Answered by: Jeffrey Whitman, MDDr. Jeffrey Whitman

Categories: General Eye Health

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Answered: Dec 08, 2012

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