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I have a choroidal membrane covering my right retina causing wavy lines. I also have a cataract in that eye. Can I have cataract surgery? The left eye recently had successful cataract surgery.

A choroidal membrane could either be a choroidal neovascular membrane or an epiretinal retinal membrane. In the former case, there are abnormal blood vessels that are leaking or bleeding causing the wavy lines. In the latter case, there is fibrous tissue that has grown on the surface of the retina wrinkling the retina contour, which also can cause distortion. In each case, there are treatments that can be considered to clear or minimize the waviness, and usually are administered by retina specialists. While cataract surgery may be performed, it would be important to clarify the diagnosis and treatment of the wavy lines first.

Answered by: Paul Sternberg Jr., MD Dr. Paul Sternberg

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Conditions, Eye Surgery

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Answered: Mar 19, 2013

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