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I was born with a birth defect in my left eye—thus I see only shadows and light from that eye. The right eye is a healthy eye but I am nearsighted so I will stay with wearing glasses after cataract surgery. I am very frightened because I only have one eye. What should I be looking for in choosing a doctor that would be most important for someone with only one useful eye?      

First of all, you should determine if your visual acuity in your good eye has become sufficiently poor to warrant surgery to improve your quality of life. Cataract surgery is very safe and effective, but the stakes of course are high in your situation.  Through family, friends, or your general physician, you should be able to find a board-certified ophthalmologist with the necessary skills and experience to handle a surgery like yours.

Answered by: Charles P. Wilkinson, MD  Dr. Charles P. Wilkinson

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Surgery

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Answered: Dec 19, 2012

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