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How long should contact lenses (hard, RGP lenses) be discontinued before cataract surgery measurements are taken?

It depends on the individual. Hard contact lenses can have a conforming effect on the cornea, and the persistence of this effect differs among individuals. I typically take a set of initial measurements after a patient has been out of their lenses for a long weekend (72 hours) and a second set of measurements two weeks later (still out of their lenses). If their readings are stable, we stop there. If there has been significant change, we repeat those measurements again in two more weeks (still out of lenses). Studies suggest that hard lens wearers can occasionally require up to twelve weeks before their corneal measurements become stable.

Answered by: James M. Heltzer, MDDr. James M. Heltzer

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Surgery, Vision Correction

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Answered: Apr 12, 2013

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