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I have had vitreous detachment for the past eight months in my dominant eye. The detachment is only somewhat noticeable early in the morning when I first wake up. This same eye has a cataract and is extremely myopic (-12); my other eye is farsighted and lazy with about 75 percent vision. How risky would it be for me to proceed with cataract surgery while I still have this slight vitreous detachment?

No riskier than cataract surgery in anyone who is monocular and as myopic as you. While your vitreous gel is likely to further detach after surgery, I am not aware of any data suggesting that any risk from a pre-existing posterior vitreous detachment (slight or otherwise) can be mitigated by additional waiting.

Answered by: James M. Heltzer, MDDr. James M. Heltzer

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Surgery

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Answered: May 20, 2013

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