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I have pink eye and an old prescription of Vigamox. Can I take that to help cure it?

Vigamox is an antibiotic that is effective against most forms of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) and is also used for blepharoconjunctivitis. However, most commonly, patients with 'pink eye' have a viral conjunctivitis for which Vigamox would be ineffective. You should see your Eye M.D. to determine the correct cause of the conjunctivitis.

In general, using medications past their posted expiration date is not a wise idea. The preservatives within the medication slowly degrade over time which may compromise the sterility and the effectiveness of the drug. In the worst case scenario, you may be introducing new organisms to your eye which could lead to more severe and harder-to-treat infections.

Answered by: Omar R. Chaudhary, MD Dr. Omar R. Chaudhary

Categories: Eye Diseases, Eye Infections

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Answered: Aug 14, 2014

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