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Do ophthalmologists prefer that those seeking eye wellness exams and vision correction exams see an optometrist, or are Eye M.D.s just as happy to see patients for these reasons? I am more comfortable with a physician caring for my eye health but want to make sure I'm not committing a faux pas by booking this common exam.

Eye M.D.s are delighted to see patients seeking wellness exams and vision correction exams. Often we see patients who have no visual symptoms but are developing eye diseases. Glaucoma, for instance, has no symptoms at all, and can cause blindness—and early detection and early treatment prevents blindness.

We often see people who think that they just need new glasses and discover that new glasses do not help—they have a problem such as cataracts, macular degeneration, stroke, glaucoma or infection in the eye which has caused them to lose vision. We can fit glasses and improve vision for many people, but when better glasses are not the problem, we can take the exam further, and diagnose and treat the cause of poor vision.

Answered by: Anne Sumers, MD Dr. Anne Sumers 

Categories: General Eye Health, Vision Correction

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Answered: Jan 23, 2014

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