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Is it OK to drive myself home following pterygium surgery (removing a growth of fleshy tissue on the white of the eye)?

That depends upon many things. Sorry the answer is not simple. If you are given any kind of sedation, whether orally, through an IV or an injection, or a narcotic pain killer, do not drive for 24 hours following the last dose. Do not drive if there is a patch on your eye after surgery, as you will have lost depth perception. There will be some blurring of vision in the operated eye, and possibly double vision with both eyes open—do not drive until this clears up. It is not always possible to predict these and other things ahead of time. Play it safe and have a friend do the driving.

Answered by: Richard G. Shugarman, MDDr. Richard Shugarman

Categories: Eye Surgery

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Answered: Feb 10, 2014

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