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My daughter is 11 years old and at her last eye exam with an optometrist, we asked about what looks like a blood blister on her lower lid. He said he wasn't concerned about it, as it is not affecting her vision, but it has been there for several years now. Should I take her to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have it looked at?

I do not know what your daughter has from your description. However, a pigmented lesion of the eyelid should be carefully inspected and a tentative diagnosis made by an ophthalmologist. Some of these lumps are monitored, while others are excised and examined under the microscope. In all cases if there is growth an excisional biopsy is likely to be recommended.

Answered by: Michael Repka, MD Dr. Michael X. Repka

Categories: Eye Conditions, Children's Eye Health

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Answered: Feb 13, 2013

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