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I have a transparent jelly like glob on my right eyeball. I tried to move and pull it out and was startled when it, didn't move, but instead caused some discomfort. I went to the ophthalmologist this morning and was informed that it was "just a cyst" that forms like any other cyst on the body (what an insensitive vague response). No options were given, but I was reading on the internet that some doctors do remove these cyst. Now I am looking for a second opinion. Any suggestions?

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with your ophthalmologist. If you have a cyst on your eye, and sounds as if you do, it can be removed. Remember though that there is a chance that it may return, and if it is a cyst, there is no medical reason why it should be removed. Any surgery, including a cyst removal, can have complications so be sure that it truly bothers you before you seek a surgical procedure.  I am certain that you can get a second opinion with another Eye M.D. Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation for a different ophthalmologist if you don't wish to return to the place that you first went.

Answered by: Ivan Schwab, MD Dr. Ivan Schwab

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Answered: Apr 12, 2011

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