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Dr. Jeffrey Whitman

Dr. Jeffrey Whitman

Jeffrey Whitman, MD, president and chief surgeon of the Key-Whitman Eye Center, is a native of Dallas and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Southern Methodist University. He earned his MD at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, where he also completed his internship. Dr. Whitman completed his ophthalmology residency at Scott and White Clinic in Temple, Texas, and specializes in cataract and refractive surgery.

Can I have multifocal IOLs implanted during cataract surgery with a macular pucker present?
Is it possible for thyroid medication to change the prescription of my eyes?
Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having it for nearsightedness?
Can corrective laser eye surgery lower the risk of retinal detachment?
Is it normal to have a YAG surgery done after LASIK if your vision is still blurry?
Is it safe to do a laser or LASIK surgery if I have a scratched cornea?
How long after cataract surgery can scar tissue develop?
Can a toric lens implanted during cataract surgery overcorrect astigmatism and create a vision impairment?
Is laser cataract surgery recommended for patients who have had LASIK?
Will massaging the eyelid help a surgically dilated pupil contract after cataract surgery?
Is it safe to use an inversion table three years after LASIK surgery?
Can Lyme disease cause cataracts or some other form of clouding of the lens?
Is an Ocular Response Analyzer used to measure the size of an eye after the natural lens has been removed during surgery to choose the correct IOL?
After cataract surgery, my near vision is fine but my far vision is not as good as it used to be. Why?
Should cataract surgery be done if there is already vision loss from AMD?
My vision is blurry with my new progressive bifocals. Why?
I see better with my glasses on the tip of my nose. Why?
Yellow Vision after Cataract Surgery
Is it safe to get LASIK if you have large optic nerves on both sides? I have normal eye pressure.
I can see and feel my pulse in the vision of my left eye. What might this be?
Is myopia hereditary (passed from parent to child)? If not, what are the other possible causes and why have cases of myopia increased since 1970s?
Will cataract surgery affect my LASIK-corrected vision?
My sister, who has been told she will need cataract surgery, was informed that she would need an allergy test first. Is this a required test that can be conducted by an eye doctor?
Can I use an inversion table if I have a small cataract in one eye?
Does it matter if you have an intraocular lens implant with a UV blue light filter in one eye and one without the filter in the other eye? Or should you have the UV filter in both eyes?
Can cataract surgery be done when the eye is being treated for iritis?
My 8-year-old’s eye rejected the intraocular lens (IOL) after cataract surgery and now she wears cataract glasses. Are there any cataract glasses that are thinner than the usual ones?
My cornea is too thin to perform LASIK. So is there a way to thicken the cornea or is there another way around it to perform this procedure?
Can you have a 20/20 vision and still be diagnosed with cataract?
What is the difference between full-focus and full-focus multifocal IOLs?
After working at a computer screen for an hour or more, I get double vision in each eye separately.
My eyes have difficulty following images in motion like watching an action movie or a football game. Why is this?
Can I get LASIK with keratoconus?
Is there any way to fix flap striae 3 years after LASIK?
I would like to know if a piggyback lens surgery over my cataract implant would be an alternative to LASIK to correct an underpowered implant from 10 years ago.
I can only see out of one eye at a time but can quickly switch so it is not noticeable even to me. What is that called?
Can you get LASIK surgery after a cornea transplant?
I had a Toric lens implant and now have the image of a soccer ball when I look at a light. It is near the center of my vision and makes reading difficult. Can you tell me why?
My grandmother had cataract surgery a month ago in India and now she has something called fungus infection in both eyes. Please suggest what can be done for my grandmother.
Can My Fiance's Poor Eyesight Be Treated?
Will I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?
I have a mild stage of cataracts. Can they be removed now?
I have had a puckered retina for the last 10 years.
Can cataract surgery be a successful treatment for early-stage narrow angle glaucoma instead of iridotomy?
I had cataract surgery two-and-a-half weeks ago and had a monofocal lens fitted. The predominant color I see now is blue/lilac.
I see a ring in my cornea that looks like crystals. What is it? I only see it when the sun illuminates it from the side.
I’m looking for an ophthalmologist that will see a dog with problems. My vet couldn’t help my dog. Will an Eye M.D. see dogs?
My mother was deep frying yesterday when a little bit of oil hit her eye and now I see a little blister on her sclera. Is there an over-the-counter med that I can get to soothe the pain?
My wife's doctor said her blurred vision in one eye is caused by a thickened cornea. He wants to scrape the cornea. Is this a safe procedure?
I had cataract surgery and a mono lens implant on my left eye 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been disoriented and nauseous.
Is there an eye condition that causes the eye to produce sand-like particles?
What could be a reason for eyeball pain? My eye feels swollen and is sensitive to touch on the eyelid and underneath the eye.
Should I get a second opinion before cataract surgery?
I have a cataract in my left eye and am considering surgery. Will my cancer and kidney treatments affect the surgery outcome?
Is it common to get a blood clot after cataract surgery?
Can you have cataract surgery after filtration surgery?
Is the Restor lens a multifocal or accommodative type and what is the difference in the two types?
I have been told that to be a good candidate for LASIK that your cornea has to be thick enough.
Can a dilated eye exam cause floaters?
Is it customary to charge a fee for overcorrection services during the recovery period following LASIK surgery?
I'm 62 and my distance vision has improved without spectacles. Why is that?
Could smoking marijuana before my pre-op exam for blade-free LASIK affect the results?
Can cataracts and presbyopia be taken care of with the same surgery?
Is it unusual to have swelling of the cornea and Bowman's membrane after cataract surgery?
I see light flares after having a toric lens implanted in one eye. Should I do something else with the second eye?
What if I sneeze or cough during or soon after cataract surgery? Can this cause any problems?
My husband has been experiencing a black spot in the lower peripheral of his right eye. It remains in place (does not float).
Are there any physical limitations put on someone being treated for retinal swelling?
I was recently diagnosed with dry eye and I wondered if it was possible for dry eye to cause your sclera to turn a slight yellow color under the bottom eyelid and at the sides of the eye.
What is treatment for staph infection of the eyelash/eyelid?
Can cataract surgery also remedy macular puckers?
I had cataract surgery 27 years ago and recently got hit in my left eye by machinery resulting in an elongated image—I see a square as a rectangle.
My son is 3 years old and has always had very dilated eyes. He’s normal in every other way but now I’m starting to worry about the size of his pupils. What does this mean?
My mom had an appointment for a colon test which required she be put to sleep. After she woke up, she felt her eye burning and it was red. Do you think that maybe the gas that they use to put her to sleep got in her eye and it caused her irritation?
What is the surgeon's role when performing PRK eye surgery?
After a posterior capsulotomy, what is the likelihood of complications?
I accidentally rubbed my eye two weeks after my cataract surgery. Do you think this caused any damage?
I had cataract surgery yesterday at 2 p.m. and forgot to use my eyedrops before bed last night but put them in this morning. My eye doesn't hurt. Can this cause a problem?
In the last few days, I've experienced what felt like a sudden pulled muscle in the eyeball.
My 19-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with 2200/2400 vision due to degenerative myopia and posterior staphlyoma in both eyes.
Is it safe to fly after having your eyes dilated?
What would cause me to get dizzy during a visual field test?
What is the success rate for cataract surgery when pseudoexfoliation syndrome is involved? Is blindness a possibility as a result of such an operation?
Is a femtosecond laser better than using a blade for treating cataracts?
I have posterior vitreous detachment and sometimes I have pain in my eye—Is that normal?
Is the Allegrato Laser FDA-approved for LASIK?
Can floaters and flashes cause symptoms of eye pain and foreign body sensation?
What is causing colors to look faded or washed out after cataract surgery?
Can an eye(s) be checked to see if the wrong lens was placed into the eye during cataract surgery?
After cataract surgery, is eye tissue susceptible to scarring?
Is it normal to prescribe extensive eye drops prior to and after cataract surgery?
The ophthalmologist is having difficulty in getting my contact lens prescription correct with the cataracts.
I had cataract surgery and the wrong IOL was implanted—what are the risks of replacing it with a new one?
My mum is having difficulty putting in her eye drops due to low visibility in the other eye. Are there alternatives to eye drops after cataract surgery?
I have a thickened cornea and need cataract surgery—is this a problem because of the thick cornea?
My husband had cataract surgery over a year ago and still continues to have problems with halos as well as sensitivity to light.
Is it true that Catalin eye drops can protect eyes from cataracts?
Is there only one kind of cataract?
After cataract surgery, can you develop another cataract in the same eye?
After cataract surgery my cornea is swollen which my doctor called corneal edema. What is the treatment for this condition? I am afraid to have the other eye lens removed because of this situation.
Will cataract surgery reduce IOP for narrow angle glaucoma patients?
After having cataract surgery, the muscle that controls the dilation of my pupil failed to contract. Was this preventable and what can be done about it?
Any problems that may be caused by undergoing cataract surgery after LASIK?
I am a high school health instructor and we are studying the senses right now . My students had some good questions that I couldn't answer. 1) Why do some people who are blind keep their eyes open
Last week I had flashes and floaters suddenly appear in my right eye.

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